We Pray the Way Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, Taught Us

Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated, ‘Pray as you have seen me praying’ So we should pray the way Prophet Muhammad PBUH instructed us to pray through narrations of Hadith that were passed down to us. Hadith about prayer teaches us the pillars of Prayer, the mandatory movements and sayings, the Sunnah acts, and the acts and sayings that nullify the prayer.

It’s also important to note while Muslims agree with each other in almost all aspects of religion, there are a few minor disagreements when it comes to the finer, minor details of our faith; there are differences of opinions among scholars based on their interpretations and evidence they extrapolate from the Sunnah. For example, some scholars or schools of thought might place their hands a little lower or higher than other scholars and schools of thought do in prayer. But at the end of the day, as long as you follow reputable scholars or a school of thought, your prayer is valid.

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