The Set Times of Salat Prayers & How Many Units Each Prayer Consists

Much like the pillars of a building, where one cannot move them and need to walk around them physically, a Muslim’s life revolves around their five daily prayers; instead of casually trying to fit their prayers into their life. A Muslim’s prayers are always their top priority; everything else comes secondary.

Muslims pray to Allah five times a day. These five prayers are obligatory. There are also optional prayers in which Muslims can pray throughout the day to strengthen their connection with Allah. Here are a list of the five mandatory prayers and how many units each consists of. We will talk about what movements and sayings consist in a unit of prayer in the section on how to pray Salat.

• The first is the Fajr Prayer, prayed from dawn to the right before sunrise. The Fajr prayer has two units to be prayed.

• The second is the Zhuhr Prayer, prayed just after noon (mid-day, when the sun passes the median point in the sky). The Zhur prayer has four units to be prayed.

• The third is the Asr Prayer, prayed during the afternoon (halfway between noon and sunset). The Asr prayer has four units to be prayed.

• The fourth is the Maghrib Prayer, prayed directly after sunset. The Maghrib prayer has three units to be prayed.

• The fifth is the Isha Prayer, prayed late evening, during the dark of the night (approximately an hour and a half after sunset).’ The Isha prayer has four units to be prayed.

The five daily Prayers set the rhythm of a Muslim’s day. Prayers must be performed at their appointed due times unless a reasonable excuse exists to delay them. Prayers are prohibited from being postponed to where they overlap with the following Prayer’s timeframe.

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