The Land of Makkah Filled w/ Idol Worship

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born in Mecca in the year of the Elephant. Mecca is the home of the Kaaba, the first house of worship built on Earth by Prophet Abraham and his son Ismael, peace be upon them. As they were both building the Kaaba, Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, made a prayer to God that He sends a Prophet in his son Ismael’s progeny, who will recite to them God Signs (Verses) and teach them the Book and Wisdom and purify them. This prayer was fulfilled when God sent Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as his last and final Messenger, who was from the progeny of his son Ismael, peace be upon him.

Before Prophet Muhammad became a prophet, many people of Mecca worshipped idols and believed that idols had the power to intercede for them. It was a time full of ignorance, foolishness, and misguidance. At the time, Arabia was a backward nation that did not have infrastructure, monuments, a big civilization, nor a unified government or law and order. They also did not have written literature, and many did not know how to read and write. They had turned the Kaaba, which was dedicated and built for the service of the One True God, Allah, the Glorious, into a place of worship of idols.

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