Salah Prayer has six Pre-Conditions that Must be Met

The Salah Prayer has six pre-conditions that Muslims must follow for their prayer to be valid unless one has a valid excuse. The first pre-condition is that one must be in a state of spiritual purity by cleansing themself with ghusl (washing the whole body) or wudu (ablution). If water is unavailable, one can perform Tayammum instead (dry ablution using purified sand, stone, or mud). The second pre-condition is the timing of the prayer — one must pray during its set time. The third pre-condition is that a Muslim must cover his awrah where his skin is not shown. One’s cloth cannot be transparent or skin-tight. For men, the awrah is their body parts from their navel to their knees. Women’s awrah includes their whole body except their face and hands. The fourth pre-condition is to purify oneself from the impurity of one’s physical body, clothes, and where one is praying. The fifth condition is that a Muslim must face the direction of Qibla (towards Mecca) when praying. The sixth pre-condition is that one must set an intention in their heart for the prayer they are about to perform — they must know which prayer they are praying.

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