Quran vs Hadith

The Holy Quran that our God Allah sent down to us is the main Book of Islam written in the exact words of Allah. He sent it down to guide us to Him, build a relationship with Him, and teach us to love Him. The Holy Quran teaches us everything we need to learn to live a good healthy life. The Holy Quran teaches us what is good for us in life. It also teaches us what is wrong and harmful in life and what we should not do.

After Prophet Muhammad PBUH received the Holy Quran from Allah, he spent the rest of his life explaining and living the Holy Quran, and Islam teachings to his friends that were with him called the companions. When Prophet Muhammad PBUH taught his friends, they would write down his statements, actions, and beliefs. These things that his friends wrote down were collected into what is called ‘Hadith,’ which means speech, report, or news. The Hadith is the sayings that Prophet Muhammad said, did, or approved. The Hadith helps us understand and answer questions about the details of our religion of Islam, and it explains the Holy Quran to us in more detail.

Unlike the Holy Quran, the Hadith is not the words of Allah. But it is the words and actions of Allah’s last and final Prophet, Muhammad PBUH, whom Allah sent to us to teach us everything we need to know to live a good life.


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