Prophet Muhammad PBUH Role Model for Humanity

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH was sent to guide and lead us to our God Allah, our Creator. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad PBUH understood the Holy Quran, loved the Holy Quran, and lived his life based on the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the role model that Allah sent to everyone in this world to show us how to live like him and copy him and follow him. Allah sent him as an example of how we should live our lives. Allah commanded us to follow His Prophet, Muhammad PBUH, so following Prophet Muhammad PBUH is following and being obedient to Allah, our Creator.

The actions and practices of Prophet Muhammad are called “Sunnah,” which means “the way,” or “the practice of.” If we do those things named in the Sunnah, we copy whatever the Prophet said, did, or approved. The Sunnah helps us Muslims try to copy and follow Prophet Muhammad’s Faith, behavior, attitude, patience, compassion, and righteousness. We Muslims also try to copy everything the Prophet did, including how and what he ate and drank, the position he slept in, the way he behaved and interacted with others, and so on.

Allah has sent us guidance through Hadith to live the best way possible in our lives. Allah and Prophet Muhammad love us so much and want what’s best for us. Everything that Allah and Prophet Mahammad has told us to do or stay away from is only for our benefit, so we should listen to them for our own good.

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