Prophet Muhammad Returns to Medina & Passes Away

Soon after, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, returned to the city of Medina. Prophet Muhammad received his final Revelation from God. Now that the faith of Islam was well established among his people and his community, his mission was coming to an end.

Soon after that, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, fell ill for 10 to 12 days or so as his fever worsened in the house of his wife Aisha, peace be upon her, the mother of the believers. His body would get hot, and Aisha, peace be upon her, would recite Quran over him and cool him off with a wet towel.

He then sadly passes away on the lap of his wife, Aisha, peace be upon her. His companions were in shock and very sad about this tragedy. He was buried in the exact place he died, and his companions prayed for him individually.

Today, millions of Muslims go to Medina and send their salutations to our blessed Prophet. In the Holy Quran, God states that He did not send Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, except as a mercy for humanity. His role as the leader of the Islamic State was taken over by Abu Bakr, peace be upon him.

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