The Sacred Path to Islam



Do you want to find and understand your Life’s Purpose?

Do you want to find your Creator and build a closer, more meaningful relationship with Him?

Do you want to know the true Message of God and learn the religion He prescribed so you will be guided?

This book was written to help you achieve all this!

Islam is the only religion God has prescribed to humanity. Following the teachings of Islam will guide you to your Creator, provide you with a content, meaningful, fulfilled life in this world, and earn you Paradise in the afterlife.

Submit to your Creator and join the religion of peace followed by a quarter of the world’s population!

The Sacred Path to Islam; Understanding Islam Made Easy, reflects on the message of this sometimes-controversial religion and what it means to be a Muslim. The chapters cover:

  • An overview of the religion of Islam
  • Allah (God) and the Holy Quran
  • God’s Messengers, Prophets, and Past Nations
  • Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Muslims and non-Muslims
  • The Purpose of Life
  • Hadith & Sunnah
  • The Articles of Faith and Pillars of Islam
  • Monotheism, Angels, God’s Scriptures, Judgment Day
  • Prayers, Zakat, fasting in Ramadan, and Hajj
  • Concepts of Shirk (Polytheism), Jihad, Hijab, Hellfire,
  • Jannah (Paradise) and Jesus Christ (Messiah) in Islam
  • How to convert to Islam
  • and much more…

The book’s ultimate purpose is to offer you a new way of thinking so you realize that you were created with a purpose. It will bring you ever closer to your Creator. By sharing the wisdom, inspiration, and beauty of the Holy Quran and Islam, you will soon discover that no man or group of men could have produced them and could only have come from a Higher Power.

May your journey to the answer and truth be pleasant and successful.

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The Sincere Seeker is an Islamic book publishing company that concentrates on educational books for children and adults.
It is aimed at an Islamic audience.

The Sincere Seeker is designed for those who want to find their life’s purpose, build a relationship with their Creator Allah (God), and gain a deeper understanding of the true Message, Wisdom, and religion of Islam so they can be guided in this world and earn Paradise in the hereafter.

The Sincere Seeker provides a collection of Islamic books, animated videos, and blog articles about Allah, the Holy Quran,
God’s religion of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, designed to educate and inspire.

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