Our Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him Taught Us



We cannot grow close to Allah (God) until we love and follow His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. No one shall have complete faith unless he loves Prophet Muhammad PBUH more than he loves wealth, his children, and himself for the pure sake of Allah. Simply loving our Prophet, Muhammad PBUH is not enough; a good Muslim needs to follow that love by living the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the best role model that ever lived.

❤️ What Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Taught Us❤️ by The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection introduces Prophet Muhammad PBUH to Muslim children in an easy, fun, and educational way to instill and develop in them love and respect for him. This book shares various teachings of our Prophet, ranging from good manners and the etiquette of eating to sleeping and hygiene. Every concept taught in the book is accompanied by colorful images to help your child understand and appreciate what they are learning.


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