My Islamic Activity Book for Adults and Teenagers



Whether you are looking for the perfect Ramadan gift for a friend or relative or looking to educate yourself about Islam while challenging yourself in a fun and engaging matter, this adult and teenage activity book is for you! This Islamic activity book for adults and teens introduces and teaches many Islamic concepts, including learning about Allah, our Creator, God’s final Book, the Holy Quran, the religion of Islam, our last and final Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, and other Islamic concepts. This Islamic Activity Book is loaded with valuable knowledge of our Deen, helping one gain a better understanding of Islamic concepts in a fun, engaging, and educational way with Islamic activities and games to bring one inner creativity while helping build a relationship with their Creator and teaching the fundamentals of Islam.

This Islamic activity book Consists of:

  • Word Searches
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Word Scramble
  • Mazes
  • Completing Picture Designs
  • Arabic Alphabet & Numbers Tracing
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Find the Differences
  • Sudoku
  • Easy, Medium, and hard Islamic quiz questions
  • Coloring Pages of attractive mandala designs of flowers, animals, and more.

This Islamic Ramadan activity book for adults & tweens introduces and teaches:

  • About Allah, the Holy Quran, the Religion of Islam, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH.
  • Dua Prayers and Dhikr They Can Use in Their Salah Prayers and Outside Their Prayers
  • About Ramadan
  • The Five (5) Pillars of Islam
  • The Six (6) Articles of Faith in Islam
  • Salah (Namaz) Muslim Prayer
  • Quran Verses (Ayat)
  • About the Oneness of Allah (Tawhid)
  • Phrases in Arabic They Can Use
  • Teaching the 99 Names of Allah & His Attributes

This fun and engaging Islamic activity book is guaranteed to educate Muslim adults and teens about Islam in a fun and exciting way while occupying and entertaining for hours with colorful & bright, Large 8.5” by 11” (21.6 x 28 cm) size pages ideal for writing on and coloring. Grab your copy now!


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