My Holy Quran Teaches Me



Is your child ready to learn about the Holy Quran?

Do you want to ensure they will start with something simple?

This book is ideal for building a solid knowledge base of the Holy Quran!

Learning the Holy Quran while reciting it and understanding its meaning is mandatory for every Muslim household.

My Quran Teaches Me, brought to you by the Sincere Seeker Kids Collection, aims to introduce Allah’s (God) last and final Revelation to humanity to your Muslim child that is simple to grasp. They will:

  • Learn who their Creator, Allah is
  • What the Holy Quran is
  • How to follow the guidance of Allah
  • Learn what Allah wants and expects
  • Learn how to make good decisions
  • Heal their souls with peace and mercy
  • Make their lives more meaningful
  • and lots more…

Instructing your child about the Holy Quran and instilling love and respect for it is a big task for a parent but a duty you must fulfill.

By reading My Quran Teaches Me, your child will quickly develop the aptitude necessary to adopt a fruitful Islamic mindset and lifestyle through simple introductions and lessons from the Holy Quran.

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