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10 Islamic Children Educational Book Kit


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10-Islamic Children Educational Books

8 Fun Islamic Stickers

6 Fun Islamic Bookmarks

1 Notebook

1 70-Question Quiz for Kids & Adults

11 x 9 x 3 Fun Box

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The Sincere Seeker Islamic children’s books is designed to introduce & teach your children the essentials they need to know about Allah, our Creator, the Holy Quran, the religion of Islam, & Prophet Muhammad PBUH, in an easy, fun, and educational way.

The most significant and longest-lasting inheritance a parent can gift their child is a proper Islamic upbringing and knowledge of Islam. Our children are a precious gift & a trust given to us by Almighty God. As parents, our Creator has given us the responsibility to teach our children about God, the Holy Quran, the religion and lifestyle of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We are responsible for their care and upbringing. We will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement for how we raised our children.

The love of Allah is already instilled in our children’s hearts, and it is our duty as parents to help develop, nurture, and sustain that love and bond at an early age, so they can grow up with a healthy Islamic mindset and lifestyle. A fun way to start introducing Allah and Islamic concepts to your children is through reading to them and encouraging them to read. Nothing beats sitting with your child and bonding with them with beneficial and interesting concepts of Islam. These Islamic stories for kids feature colorful illustrations on every page to keep your child’s attention while introducing them to Islamic concepts making them great children’s Islamic books for Muslim kids. 

Islamic Kid Books in this Set Include:

✔️ Getting to Know Allah, Our Creator
✔️ Getting to Know & Love Holy Quran
✔️ My Baby’s First Islamic Words
✔️ Getting to Know and Love Prophet Muhammad
✔️ Layla and Zayd Learn About Ramadan
✔️ Little Zaid’s Journey to Salah
✔️ My Very First Duas From the Quran
✔️ My Favorite Bedtime Stories from Quran
✔️ Getting to Know & Love Islam
✔️ My Big Sister’s Hijab

The Sincere Seeker Kids Kit Includes:

✔️ 8-Fun Islamic Stickers
✔️ 6-Fun Islamic Bookmarks
✔️ 1-Notebook
✔️ 1 70-Question Islamic Trivia Quiz for Kids & Adults
✔️ 11 x 9 x 3 Fun Box to store all the Islamic children books

Some Islamic Concepts Taught in Kit Include:

✔️ Teaching kids about God (Allah)
✔️ Islamic stories of the Prophets for kids
✔️ Teaching Kids five (5) pillars of Islam
✔️ Stories from the Quran for Children
✔️ Teaching articles of faith in Islam
✔️ Teaching Dua Supplication Prayers from the Holy Quran for Kids
✔️ Teaching Basic Islam for kids
✔️ Learning the Quran for Kids
✔️ Islamic Books for toddlers/babies
✔️ Teaching children about Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
✔️ Teaching kids about Salah Prayer, Fasting in Ramadan, Hajj, and more!

These Islamic children’s books are designed to introduce and teach your children the essentials they need to know about Allah, our Creator, the Holy Quran, Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in an easy, fun & educational way.

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    Maqdis Quran is a method to learn Arabic through word by word translation.

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