Islamic Books for Muslim Toddlers & Babies 5-Book Collection Kit



Do you want to introduce your toddler to their Creator, Allah?

Do you want to introduce your child to Islam, the Holy Quran, & Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?

Children are naturally curious and want to learn about things, including where they came from and how they were made. Introducing them to Allah and the Islamic faith early is a crucial part of their education if you want them to grow as responsible members of society and become good Muslims.

★ The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection ★ teaches young Muslim children and kids of all faiths whom their Creator is in a fun and engaging way, helping them:

Understand who their Creator is

Understand what the Holy Quran is

Gain a basic understanding of Islam

Understand God’s names and attributes

Understand God’s love and mercy

Become more conscious of God

Understand what Allah wants and expects

Learn who is Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him is

Learn the six articles of faith in Islam

Learn the Five Pillars of Islam

and more…


Kit Includes:

8.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 Box

My Allah Teaches Me: Introducing Your Muslim Babies to Allah

My Holy Quran Teaches Me: Introducing the Holy Quran to Muslim Children

What Islam Teaches Me: Introducing Islam to Your Muslim Offspring

Our Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him Taught Us: Introducing Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Hadith, and Sunnah to your Little Ones

My Baby’s First Islamic Alphabet ABC Words Book: Islamic ABC Book from Letter A to Z


♥ Every page of The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection introduces an Islamic concept with delightful and colorful illustrations to help your child understand and appreciate each component of Islam. ♥

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