Good Manners and Good Character in Islam

Every Muslim must have good manners and good character. This is very important in our religion of Islam. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH had the best manners and good character. He always treated people around him with the highest respect and only said good things to them. 


To have good manners, Muslims must be friendly and kind to people. Muslims must be especially kind to their parents. Muslims must say good words, speak the truth, not lie, keep their promises, not hurt anyone, and not insult anyone. They must treat people fairly, think only good thoughts about others, not accuse people of doing wrong or bad things, not take anything that is not theirs, not make fun of others, and not get into arguments and fights. Muslims must not be rude or harsh, and they should lower their voice and speak softly, not get angry, and not gossip. They should forgive others so that Allah can forgive them. They must be patient, gentle, humble, and cheerful, and they should smile.


A person can have no better blessings than having good manners—it’s a better blessing than having a lot of money and a big house. Having good manners is a sign of having Faith. On the Day of Judgment, there will be nothing heavier on the scale of good deeds than one’s good manners. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. Allah loves people with good manners. He does not love people who have bad manners. In addition to having Faith and saying, “There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah,” the easiest way to get to Heaven is by having good manners. The best way to see if you have good manners is to see how you treat your family. Our Prophet said the best of you is those who are best to their family.


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