What Are The Articles of Faith in Islam?

To become a Muslim, each follower must believe in six Articles of Faith (which translates to the word Iman in Arabic). These six articles of Faith form the foundation of the Islamic belief system. The six articles of Faith are:

Belief in the Oneness of Allah

Belief in the Angels of Allah

Belief in the Prophets & Messengers of Allah

Belief in the Books of Allah

Belief in the Last Day & Judgement Day

Belief in Divine Predestination

Linguistically, the Arabic term ‘Iman’ or ‘faith’ in English, comes from a root word which means to give safety, to give security; Iman makes one feel safe and secure. Without Faith, one would fall into a state of despair. The root word of Iman means to believe in the truth of something or someone, with this belief imbuing you with a genuine sense of peace. One would believe to a level and an extent he or she is certain that belief is true, which gives them peace and contentment. One must believe God’s tenets and teachings, verbalize those concepts with their tongue and manifest God’s teachings in their actions. Believing in and relying upon God will lead one to find safety, security, and contentment even in times of hardship, as one would acknowledge that he or she is not alone and that God is with them at all times and fully knows of their situation.

Muslims are asked to believe in that which they never saw with their own eyes, which is the very essence of Faith itself. Belief in God is something natural for humans. Humans by nature are believers in God, as belief in God is inherent to each.

“Indeed, those who fear their Lord unseen will have forgiveness and a great reward” (Quran 67:12)

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